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If you delete min amount on the input of airdrop tokens you can send really small amounts of tokens, It correctly throws error something went wrong but the Interesting thing it goes through:

Hi. I created a new transaction type but the simulator doesn't use it. Is it normal ? I simulated a lot of trx and none of them was using my custom transaction type.

You can create 100% transaction fee, which results in Status Failed.

Fees are set to zero and I can't change that


Rebounding on my comment above : I created a second transaction type that works, so there might be something wrong with the first one. See details : 


Searching on Google for 'ostkit' - the top result links to which results in a 500 error.

I suggest setting up a 301 redirect on that page at until Google indexes the new site layout.

Not app related but important nonetheless :)

The simulator page (and other pages similar) could do with some pagination after a certain number of transactions to stop the page getting too long

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Can't find a way to delete a transaction type once created

The creation date on my token on is incorrect.


Hi Total supply wasn't going down as I was creating transactions
Can’t airdrop to selected users

When I click the "Get OST⍺" button, it correctly displays the error: "OST⍺ can only be requested once every 24 hours. Please try again later."


If I click the "Get OST⍺" button again after the error is displayed, I get the message "Please do not refresh the page. We are transferring OST⍺ to your wallet. This can take a few minutes." The page hung in this state for 20 minutes before I closed the tab. 


Expected behavior would be to give the error message no matter how many times "Get OST⍺" is clicked.

When you change a transaction name, it doesn't update on your Dashboard.

In the UI, after clicking an up/down arrow a few times (usually 2 to 15 times) to adjust a value, the arrow will no longer increase/decrease the value and the value will be highlighted. The issue is fixed by moving the cursor. This is a minor annoyance. Happens when adjusting USD value, token value, fee amount, airdropped tokens amount.

So as mentioned it before:

If a user requests i transaction with more than available on Tokens (e.g. 10PTT available in the wallet and the transaction requires 20PTT transferred to another user) it just goes on forever (30min for now). You have to build in a failed transaction (I have to check an out of gas configuration), but you need for sure an out of funds configuration (like, if a share or upvote requires transfer of 10PTT and the user has not enough it shouldn't be possible for him and if the transaction is initiated, it should fail, but return to the user as failed.

The link is broken in the top orange banner which states "You are running low on OST⍺. Please top up before minting more tokens.";  The "Top up  OST⍺" button links to void(0).   There is also no way to dismiss this rather large warning.

As follow up to the missing failed transactions functionality, if the user is running out of funds:

If user got new funds from other transactions, the first transaction will be done later:

1) user has 10PTT

2) user sends 20PTT (e.g. Download Txid:1)

3) transaction is pending

4) till user got additional funds >20 (e.g. Upvote from another user with Txid:2)

5) Txid:1 is carried out

It can lead to problems on network as:

a) there is no notification, so user just carries on

b) the transaction will be carried out later (worst case lost funds 2 years later, as someone does a transaction, goes on 2years vacation and fills his account after ;) )


A posibility to sort users depending on name, funds etc would be nice

OST View doesn't search on Branded Token name, only symbol

Hello OST team, for some reason my simulate transaction button got frozen once i tried to simulate, gotta console error for you:


Dashboard graphs failed to show statistic. 

Some transactions fetching details for too long hence didn`t get completed. 

(186 KB)

On one of my simulated transactions, it just shows "Fetching Details" forever and never loads the details. Here's what I did:

1. Create a new transaction called "Quad Star" of type "company to user", then rename it to "Quad Star 2"

2. Create a new user called Amy. Do not airdrop any tokens to Amy.

3. Ran a simulated transaction "Quad Star 2" to Amy.

4. Create a new transaction called "Gift" of type "user to user" with price oracle off and no fees.

5. Ran a simulated transaction of "Gift" from Amy to another user. 

OST View doesn't appear to be updating correctly. Doesn't correctly reflect amount of token holders, supply, etc.

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