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Regarding my previous report, I have tried logging out and logging in again and it remained the same as explained below, therefore I am unable to do the testing anymore.

I have stressed the "Run A Transaction" button for 50 times and now everything looks jammed.  All those 50 transactions are showing "Fetching Details"


I have stressed the "Run A Transaction" button for 50 times and now everything looks jammed.  All those 50 transactions are showing "Fetching Details"


All my transactions with fee are failing.

Also all User to Company transactions are failing.

the explorer is loading forever. not showing the correct number of token holdersimage

I found why this happenning. If there is a user with 0 on his account and you make a tx than you get this error. Instead you can make algorithm with random tx but only from enough money on account!

The test net doesn't show any account on testnet!


I am getting failed tx!


OFC no info about it!


Fee at 100% gives "Transaction failed".

I can't create a transaction type without a price oracle where the equivalent USD value is 0. The validation is blocking me from doing so (even though I think this should be possible).


- Open "Create a Transaction Type" form

- Set type to "Company to User"

- Enter some name

- Set "Price Oracle" to off

- Enter a "Transaction Value in <SYMBOL>" that is so small that the "Transaction Value in USD" shows up as "0"

- Click "Add Transaction"

- Validation "Please enter a value greater than or equal to 0.01." shows up below the "Transaction Value in USD" field

As a workaround I was able to just set the value of the "Transaction Value in USD" field via the browser console to something other than "0", and was then able to bypass the validation.

So I found out the problem. If metamask is set up on a custom rpc the user is getting stuck there without a warning message or what so ever. Now that I discovered that I`m on custom rpc and changer to ropsten testnet I could proceed. For some reason the observe metamask function throws :: IGNORED while isObserving is true and shouldObserve is also true. Hope that helps :) 

After login, I could only set the conversion rate.  Not able to proceed to the second step and to define transactions. log in and out does not solve the issue nor reloading the page. So I`m stuck at the very beginning   

Oh, and still have over 2/3rds of my BKT unallocated so not a funds issue either.

I have ran  a number of transactions over the past 12 hours, but nothing in my dashboard updates (Economic Indicators, Economy Interactions, or User Engagement)

I've been running about 10k transactions over the last 8-9 hours (25 milliseconds interval for submission), began smoothly but sometime after midnight the frequency of the transactions slowed down, and ground to a halt at 12:20AM. I just got up to check my computer and the dasboard had frozen and was unresponsive. Rest of my computer worked smooth and fine. Refreshed the website and it now responds again, can now create transactions, but the simulator is stuck on "fetching details" about all transactions made, and the new transactions apparently don't go through as they don't show up in the "token transfers" in my economy as viewed on the block explorer.

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The user can simulate the transaction by sending post request to "". Should the portal have a throttle for this even if it's just a simulator?

The cap for DVE and USD should be consistent: When I choose Price Oracle On, I can set the price to max 100USD which equal to xxx of my token. But when i turn it off, I'm only able to set the token to 100 max.



1. Create a new transaction.

2. Set Price Oracle on.

3. Set the USD value to 100.

4. Observe that the token value is much higher than 100.

5. Set Price Oracle off.

6. Set the token value to higher than 100 and observe.

We can save a username with space (it does not save to database though):

OSTView shows a blank page when I click on a transaction:

OSTView show a blank page when I click on a transaction hash:

hi transaction details not showing whenever i click on txid. i think it started happening after i created my own transaction type.

The ABOUT link next to the search box on OST VIEW takes me to a google drive doc I can't access

The time shouldn't be an issue, as soon as the funds arrive the transaction will be carried out...
Hmm - I see... Funny :)

Amy should have had enough funds from the "company to user" transaction that happened just before. Maybe it didn't have enough time to finalize though? Subsequent "user to user" transactions from Amy have gone through fine. It's hard to recreate since I can't specify which user and which transaction to use.