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It would be extremely nice if the dashboard could be customized by adding or removing certain widgets like Salesforce or Wordpress. Allowing greated personalization of the program and it would allow you to put all your most critical information at the main source

It would be nice if we could see the profile of the users. Within the profile all data should be categorized plus transaction history. Allowing you to have a clear and detailed idea of who your customer/user is. Also allowing you to search for certain traits that users posses in the airdrop you can better manage your marketing efforts and engage in targeted marketing/messaging 

It might be useful to have a filter option to browse through the transactions without going to the block explorer. allowing you to search for specific value's and users etc.

By going through the block explorer to look for specific transactions it might be discouraging for people that are unacquainted with blockchain to see all kind of long addresses.

Since the token is called Simple Token, it would simplify the browsing process when something went wrong with a specific account

Maybe a good way to teach individuals and companies to work with the program you can create a program/walk through like salesforce that makes you go through every step by explaining what it does, how it works and how it helps you. You can tokenize and gamify this process to make it an interesting learning environment with e.g. top learners , most question answered (make a vibrant community that helps each other out like an intranet). This can all be done with a specific BT made for it. 

There has to be a user spefication for airdrops! Sorry I put it wrong place at first. There might be a settings for purchaser airdrops etc.

allowing a company to user transaction based on a certain specific action. So, lets say there has been made a purchase and the company wants to reward the user a specifc percentual value of the transaction made to the user. It seems like now its mainly fixed transactional amounts and not variable transactions based on the size or volume

Import users from excel or something like that

As far as I concern the most important part is user and company tx. So user part must be more detailed.

I think OST will be huge. Seems really minimalist and good with website!

If a company uses this, not only TX name is enough. Instead you can make company tab and when you click on it what kind of products services are going to be there and tx can be selected that way!

Delete users might becom handy.

For beta realase there might be a section that run tx from only available balance.

I've used it for a few hours and am quite impressed with it.

Just few suggestions:

- Ability to customize the layout to provide flexibility for each users preference

- Ability to set the airdrop to individuals and not just the whole group
- Ability to import files from external source, for example this will help in terms of populating existing data

But overall, I'd say an excellent start. Let's keep improving.