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Can't Airdrop to Single Users


I'm unable to airdrop to a single user, or smaller group than just "all users."

Is there functionality to select specific users or just one to airdrop to?

Also, I cannot send less than 1 BT? 

As the price of OST changes, I would like the ability to send less than 1 BT or fractions of BT at a time & be able to send them on specific reward intervals. 

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Yeah, even through the API the options are only:

  • all
  • never_airdropped
I'm sure going forward use cases will arise where airdrops for segmentation of users is desired.  Maybe that just then becomes a transaction to a bunch of users rather than an "Airdrop"?. I guess Airdrops are designed for everyone

Same here; would like to select some specific users for Airdrop to give them a basic amount of BT to get them started, or to select a user to hand out a kind of company bonus through Airdrop.

Can't you just create a new transaction named "Single Airdrop" and then assign it as a company to user transaction with the oracle disabled?

This is the current OST KIT⍺ functionality, not a bug.

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