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my ost idea (photo reward system)

 Hello all

Hope you dont mind me posting and Admin if i'm out of line please delete :)

I do digital strategy for a few online stores so fairly familiar around magento, woocommerce, wordpress etc. but i must say i'm a terrible coder and anything beyond css, html and very basic php is going to stump me (i know i know)

Anyway got my "TunerToken" setup in the OST Kit alpha, was fairly easy to get setup.


 - setup a photo community type contest

 - on signup user gets 10 tokens

 - upload a pic, earns you 1 token

 - vote up/down, costs you .25 tokens  (can vote pics or comments)

 - comment, earns you .5 token

 - 'tip' the original poster of a pic 1 token (dont want it variable as it could potential abuse or gaming the system)

As it grows,  users can then 'cash out' these tokens into gift vouchers, merchandise, etc etc.

The KYC feature could be used to verify human users and stop spammers and trolls from creating fake accounts to game the system.

My "TunerToken" coin is more focused on car enthusiasts who upgrade and modify their rides, but i'm guessing this could work on many niche stores.

obvious hurdles for now is to integrate it on a proper www website and have users be able to sign up regularly (without needing meta mask)

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Sounds a lot like what Unsplash is doing ;)

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