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Allow direct balance transfer between users


Currently, it is only possible to transfer token balance between users through defined transaction types (of which they are user-to-user kind). The issue here is that only a fixed amount of the BT can be transferred between the users (whatever it is set to in the transaction types tab of the dashboard).

While this is fine in most case, this becomes problematic where an arbitrary number of tokens are to be transferred. For instance, if a user is trying to sell something worth X amount of BT on the platform, it would have to be exactly what the transaction type amount is set to or a multiple of it (allowing for multiples of that transaction type to happen). The only way to currently do this is by executing a transaction set to 1 BT multiple times. E.g. if the user is to receive 7 BTs, the system would have to execute that 1 BT user-to-user transaction 7 times.

This is less than ideal (consuming TPS and extra gas), and a system where a custom amount of BT (or even possibly fiat value) is transferable between users would be perfect for such a situation.

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I have the same concern. any resolution?

It's possible that user to user balance transfers will be supported by the OST wallet, when it launches later.   Seems more in line with what a wallet should do, as opposed to what a minting and branding tool should do.  Maybe the team can confirm if the wallet will have this functionality?

Yep you're right, I was thinking more like custom transaction amounts. That would have been a better title.

This feature is actually in OST wallet not in ostKit. ostKit is not for end users.

I totally agree!

Hi! This is the current implementation of OST KIT⍺. 

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