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Alternatives for "Top Up OSTa"

1. Run low on OST
2. Notice the orange banner at the top
3. Read the text that says "You are running low on OSTa.  Please top up before minting more tokens." [TOP UP OSTa button]

Maybe it's a cultural terminology thing but I think "Increase OST", "Request OST", "Add OST", or "Add More OST" all seem to be more user friendly and more intuitive than "Top Up."

For polish, user-friendliness, and staying consistent commonly used phrases that reflect the desired functionality, maybe consider replacing "Top Up OST" with any of the following...

Alternatives to "Top Up OST"...

- "Add OST"

- "Add More OST"

- "Request OST"

- "Increase OST"

- "Increase OST Balance"

Again, not a deal breaker by any means.  Every little step we can take to make the experience slightly more intuitive can go a long way.  Keep up the great work team.  Proud to be a part of something special like this.

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