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Renaming "Users" to "Users & Airdrops"

Being passionate OST alpha kit testers, we will soon lose our "fresh eyes" on testing some of the more basic usability of the kit.  My goal here is to ensure that everyone can easily find Airdrops from the main page/main UI.

Airdrops are currently found under the UI section called "Users."  This section should be called "Users/Airdrops" or "Users & Airdrops" instead of just being called "Users."  While people will correctly find their list of users under the current UI naming, there will be others who are simply looking for the airdrop functionality and this currently feels buried in regards to finding airdrops.

Some people will be thinking of the action they wish to execute (in this case "Airdrop") when browsing the main UI.  It looks like there is enough UI real estate to change "Users" to saying "Users/Airdrops" or "Users & Airdrops."

If for whatever reason, there is a strict character limitation, then just saying "Airdrops" might be better than  just saying "Users."  However, this would be a contingency to the previous suggestions.

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