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Opt In to Community Airdrops from new Partners for OST Holders

As many companies adopt OST & mint their Branded Tokens, building a community of engaged users will be important for their success (and continued minting of additional OST)

I would like to see an option for current OST holders to opt-in to receive Airdrops from new partners (I'm thinking of companies like Unsplash, Tribecoin when they first lanuch their BTs)

I could see this feature in either OST VIEW as "Airdrop Rewards" or in the OST Dashboard.

As a way of building the OST community, this will both incentivize users to create an OST profile (Could work where if you have an OST wallet, that is where you would receive your airdropped BTs) 

& when a new company launches their branded token they can choose to Airdrop a certain amount of BTs to all OST wallet holders who have opted-in.

I believe it would create a network effect of high quality partners that the OST team has chosen to work with growing their community more quickly, as well as rewarding the early OST adopters with some additional BTs to engage with each new partner that joins the platform.

Further, I think brands would like the ability to target airdrops on people based on geography or demographics to cultivate the best market for their platform - which OST could provide. 

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