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Ability to see meta-data on Users

Ability to see meta-data on Users: top spenders, top earners, timeline graphs of users spending/earning.

How cool would it be if companies could see a list of who the top BT earners were, top BT spenders, as well as seeing a timeline graph or charts of both their spending and earning behavior.  They could look at BT spending vs earning timeline charts for both all users as well as individuals and get a better idea of which products or promotions helped kick-start their tokenized economy.

The OST KIT will help companies solve the "what" but I think providing more charts and timeline graphs on the earning BT and spending BT behavior of their consumers will help them solve the "why."

Also, the best part is that the OST team could use these graphs from other companies to help sell the OST partnership to other prospective companies.

For example, this would be an easy way to show Giphy how much more Vidi and Unsplash increased consumer BT spending when they rolled out X, Y, Z etc.  

Let's explose all that beautiful data that's hiding under the hood and turn it into pretty graphs and charts that show off how awesome this whole system really is.

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