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Mass Global BT Airdrops to ALL users within OST network (even from other companies)

Currently, it looks like the OST KIT will allow companies to airdrop their Branded Token to users with their own branded token economy.  For example, Unsplash will be able to airdrop Splash Coins to all of their users.  Let's take this one step farther, in order to increase business and volume within the OST Network.

Idea:  Allow companies to send airdrops to all users within the OST network.  As in, Unsplash could send Splash Coins to VIDI users, PEPO users, LytePay users, XAIN users, etc.  These "Global Network Airdrops" would increase the connectivity of the OST network and encourage consumers to check out the sites, apps, and products of all OST partners.

The OST network is such a valuable aspect of OST's business model.  Even though BT might be able to be used anywhere within the network, at various companies, I think it would be a good idea to allow companies to promote themselves, and their products, by having the ability to airdrop their own BT to other users that fall under different companies/other BT within the OST network.

Someone might be a big Unsplash fan but if they wake up one day to 50 new "Pepo tokens" they are more likely to check out Pepo's app, strengthening the OST network with more volume across all partners.

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