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Admin Rights: Ability to over-right, undo, or correct any transaction

As we have seen in crypto, people make mistakes and send coins and tokens to the wrong address all of the time.  If people who understand crypto can make this mistake, imagine new people who join a branded tokenized economy (who have never been in crypto before).

Since the OST network and the branded tokens by companies will be drawing in thousands, if not millions, of new people who have no crypto experience, I expect there to be some send/receive address mistakes early on.  First impressions are huge.  We want people to have confidence in the BT network, without being intimidated by making transactional address mistakes.

To this point, I think it's key that OST adds an admin or admin rights section/feature to the OST KIT.  This way, whoever is in charge of the tokenized economy for each partnering company can reverse any mistakes thats people make, on a case-by-case basis.  Even if it's rare, it'll help prevent complaints surrounding the new OST ecosystem.

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