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Even after beta and after official launch, keep the OST alpha simulator, or practice version

Curious consumers, new startups, or company's considering an OST partnership may want to explore and practice with the OST KIT before actually committing to it.  Even after OST launches the real version (following beta) of the OST KIT, it would be a great idea to keep a practice simulator version of the OST KIT for people to experience hands-on, without it being real.  This will increase confidence and show people the ease of use and great UI/functionality of the OST KIT without having to partner first or use real $ first.

I'm not sure what the best name for this would be but as long as there is a section on the home page that lists an isolated practice version of the OST KIT, I think it'll help with adoption.

Many gambling sites have had success over their competition, with increased traffic and user base,  by allowing customers the opportunity to explore certain features and offerings in a closed environment for free.

Please consider keeping a simulator or practice version of OST KIT after you go live with the real deal!

You guys rock, btw.  Thanks for allowing the community to be involved in the creation of such a wonderful product.

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