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Improvement Ideas / Token Supply page

Hi OST Team,

I have a few ideas how to improve the (really important) Token Supply page:

- a chart on a timeline would be hugely helpful to visualize the key events (initial minting, airdrops, etc.)

- see my token supply page for example (attached) - 8x different numbers, all not matching up

- fiat amounts should only be to the 2nd decimal, e.g . $709.46 instead $709.46712

- the fiat value of my own token supply is different to the fiat value of the OST (see here: TOTAL EFC SUPPLY14780.0 ($709.75)
AVAILABLE OST⍺ 5016.32252 ($760.15) ) (--> a brief explanation with a link to further info would be great - important: in order to tokenization to become mainstream, any possible question needs to be addressed, in particular when it's about actual money!)

- further tables with more info would be great, most-common benchmarks to other/similar token economies in re. of amount of gas, transaction fees, etc.) 

After those changes are implemented, the Token Supply page would surely be more user friendly!



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