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The concept / use of "Gas" is not very clear

First of all, I think the term "Gas" itself is out of place in a non-Ethereum environment and should either be explained very well with an inline help tip or just be renamed for something more relevant to the actual use case. "Gas" might be clear to us techies, but it's not for others.

I would prefer the latter, because I think avoiding unnecessary technical lingo would make OstKit a lot more accessible to people who are not familiar with the full workings of Ethereum - which I thought was the idea behind OST in the first place. I mean, suddenly there are all these other terms and concepts like gas price, gas limit, GWei etc that you have to be aware of that are already known to cause a lot of confusion and issues with failed transactions.

Secondly, it's unclear how "Gas" actually works inside OST and what you can expect in terms of costs. AFAIK there is no "Gas station" equivalent where you can calculate what sort of transaction fees you will have to expect. Where do I even find the Gas price or set limits?

Thirdly, I think using "Gas" next to "transaction fees" is one of the most confusing elements of the platform. Can't you just leave out one of these or rename them both?

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