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See the failure rate of transactions

Hi Is it possible to add a failure rate report in the stats.  I have noticed a failure of transaction which is a bit alarming for me . It would be beneficial to see a ratio of failure against the ratio of success. that could an indicator to adjust the setup of any given token economy (maybe)

Please check your user's token balance. It is most likely they don't have sufficient tokens to complete the transaction. You can either lower the transaction amounts in the transaction types or increase the quantity held by each user by adding more via an airdrop.

I did a some point  but it kept on happening but will continue investigating anyway.  How do I know how much  "company" hold? 

To know how much company hold, click on the token supply on the left bar. It will list what is allocated and what is not. Also note that what is held by the company may increase or decrease depending on the transactions carried out. Tokens held by company will increase if there are transactions from user to company during simulation.

As other users pointed out, "failing" transactions are not actually failing per se.

On the Simulator Page, we've created an environment that models how transactions would run in your application. By clicking on "Run A Transaction" button the kit randomly selects one of your defined transactions and executes it.

Simulator is agnostic to the funds held by users/company.

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