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Beta Launch Reward - 50,000 OST for most Referrals

A customer acquisition idea: 

- please consider a promotion for the launch of OST Beta.. where the OST member who refers the most people to OST to mint their own token wins a prize amount (say 50,000 OST) & the rest of the top 5 would get 5,000 OST.

How it would work:

As a way to encourage new people to mint their own coins when Beta launches, each user who registers for the reward could be given a referral code.

Anyone who uses this code and mints their own token by purchasing OST would count as an entry - and as an incentive for that user to mint their BT, they could be given a bonus as well, such as 50 OST from a limited pool, in addition to the amount they purchase.

This would incentivize people who are already familiar with the benefits of OST to spread the word, and quickly build the OST community with a significant number of tokens launched the first week of Beta. had a similar contest and had 250,000 people competing for equity

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I dont like referral programs... just my 0.02 :-)

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