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KIT Feature: Show details/info/settings for all other BT in the OST network

While I think companies should have the option or choice to keep this info private, I think it'd be great if the KIT offered the ability for companies to make their settings and token details visible to anyone who uses the KIT.

It'd be nice if there was a list of every branded token, in the KIT.  For those who choose to keep their details or info public (privacy OFF), others would be able to see the details and info behind the branded token.

This might have prospective partners the confidence they need in order to join OST and brand their own tokens.  It's a great selling point to a new company if Jason can say "here is how Unsplash set up their token" and every setting and detail in the KIT was easily viewable for the Unsplash token. 

Again, I totally understand some companies possibly wanting this to be private but if they set theirs to public, or viewable, it may increase adoption and partnerships.  Since we are early in this crypto game of real life use cases, I think it's important to share information on how existing partners utilize the products and tools offered by OST.

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This would be for both the initial token creation settings as well as the transaction types.

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