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Preset BT templates/settings, based on the more popular companies BT

When using the OST KIT, it'd be cool if there were current partner's BT templates/settings, that mirrored exactly what the 3 biggest partners did when branding their own token.  It's a quick way for someone to create their own token based on settings with proven success/adoption.

It could have 4 options, for example, when setting up the branding settings:

1) Unsplash settings

2) Pepo settings

3) Wooshii settings

4) Custom or "Build My Own"

Future companies may want to copy the templates of companies who are having the most success with their BT.  Having built in templates, with all their exact settings, would make the KIT a true "one click experience", if desired.

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This refers to the initial settings for token creation.  At the transaction type screen, this idea could also be applicable.

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