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Granular control over toke value

It would be great to have a way to set the market cap of my token in USD

Use Case:

I am building an SAAS product with a great team. Due to some circumstances out  of my control we can not give the team equity in the company.

What I want to do is create a token that has a market cap of exactly the amount of seats sold of my SAAS product in USD. When a single seat user churns the market cap should decrease by a dollar and when a new user signs up it should increase by a dollar.

Everyone on the team gets one token per month they worked with the team. They are free to gift tokens to coworkers and can cash out any time.

I would take care to always have the required funds in OST.

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Hi Stefan,

You cannot strictly control the Market Cap of your BT economy. A company cannot lock and isolate it's economy from the network:

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