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Early Adopters Reward - Provide a Leaderboard

As a suggestion for this current contest, or the next OST Reward Program - It would be nice to see a leaderboard / breakdown of just who is in the lead. 

In this case, the top 10 economies by volume, transactions & users win 4,000 OST. Each day alpha is live, it would be cool to see it posted on Telegram / Reddit / Twitter who they are & the stats, updating every 24 hours.

Name of the coin and first through 10th in the eligible categories with totals.

It's an incentive to everyone else testing, as I'm sure a large percentage of people are testing for the reward. 

People could then also share the data, of how much a single economy has transacted over a 24 hour period.

Currently the only way to see results is OST View and go through the pages of users.

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I strongly agree!

Thank you for the feedback. We'll take this into account for future contests!

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