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Partner with an ERC721 Developer: Create the Largest Digital Collectible Marketplace for NFTs

One suggestion on a way to grow the OST community & showcase the speed of OST KIT.

I'd like to see OST partner with an ERC721 Developer to create the biggest marketplace for digital collectible tokens - a mix of Etsy & Ebay just for buying, selling, trading NFTs, powered by OST.

The ERC20 boom of 2017 created $4 Billion in crowdfunding in 2017. 

Cryptokitties alone did $22 million in sales for Q4 2017.

Digital Collectibles, NFTs have the potential to do multi billions in transaction volume within the next 5 years.

People love to own, collect, trade things that are scarce, and this will be true for digital assets.

I think OST is the perfect use case, as a utility token with scalability, for a developer to build the largest mobile app on the Ethereum blockchain.

One that's easy enough to understand, attractive enough to create news headlines and most importantly is fun. Plus has IP from premium content providers.

Examples are collecting NFTs of classic sneakers, eSports gamer cards, cars, albums, entertainers.

Similar to the Unsplash partnership, I think it would be a great use of OST grant to team up with a developer in such a growing field - but one that still needs better infrastructure and tools.

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