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Missing functionality in API

  • Possibility to change value for execution of transaction-types (otherwise I would need to create endless transaction types for each new sale amount which is a percentage of an amount; not fixed) 
  • DELETE - if I can edit there should be also a delete (of course this is not deleted from the blockchain then but wont appear in List/UUID lookup -> gets a deleted flag?) 
  • It's not possible to get information about a user based on his uuid (workaround: get all users and filter out the needed) 
  • /transaction-types/execute uses a field 'transaction_kind' but 'kind' in the return of /transaction-types/create is user-to-user, user-to-company or company-to-user type 
  • Transaction names should be technical (lowercase, no space but allow dash '-' and underscore '_'), at least should have a technical identifier instead of strings with a-z0-9 and spaces.

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