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BUG: Double credit bug if you Create user and send reward tx immediately

Steps to reproduce:

1) Create new user via API

2) As soon as you have the new OST UUID send another request to "reward" the user 10 tokens from the company account.

3) Check the user balance on - 20 tokens, on the OST Block Explorer only the single transaction is shown to the users address as expected

This only seems to happen if you immediately send the reward transaction after creating a user. The block explorer  shows the correct tx and address balance.

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update: if you try and spend the user balance you can spend the 10 tokens and the balance will go down to 0 on the block chain explorer - however the UI will still show the "unspendable" extra 10 tokens as the users balance.

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I am experiencing the exact same thing as well.

My steps were almost identical:

  1. Created user via API
  2. Immediately executed a company to user transaction via API (100 tokens).
  3. Checked user list at shows 200 tokens per newly created user.
  4. Pulled list of users sorted by date created descending via the API, but they still show a balance of 200 too.
  5. Checked the block explorer and the user only has one transaction of 100 tokens
  6. Executed a user to company transaction via API (1 token) and checked the user balance by website and API and it shows 199 tokens. The block explorer shows the correct balance though (

Introducing a manual delay will make sure it shows the correct balance. I tested it down to about 2.5 seconds, then it starts showing the doubled balance again.

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I'm having the exact same problem. Whatever amount of tokens I send to the new user they receive double.

Hi! Thank you for reporting the bug - our team will prioritise it.

This has been fixed. Please let us know if anyone is still experiencing this issue.

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