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Suggestion: Also return wallet address when creating a user

When a user is created, only the OST KIT UUD is returned, but in order to link to OST View, it would be nice to also get the wallet address for that user.

So a POST to /users/create would return something like this:

  "success": true,
  "data": {
    "result_type": "economy_users",
    "economy_users": [
        "id": "3721acf2-fc85-4347-af40-3ce28adcfb06",
        "uuid": "3721acf2-fc85-4347-af40-3ce28adcfb06",
         "wallet_address": "0x8086db467964052c5f9a169b48aae75e3c3018f1",
        "name": "Bob",
        "total_airdropped_tokens": 0,
        "token_balance": 0
    "meta": {
      "next_page_payload": {}


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