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ost-sdk-php kit create user returns SOMETHING WENT WRONG

I am getting below response for creating user using ost sdk php kit.

 OST REST API ['2018:07:17 09:13:08']: create user

 OST REST API ['2018:07:17 09:13:18']: Response from OSTArray


    [success] =>

    [err] => Array


            [code] => SOMETHING_WENT_WRONG

            [internal_id] => SDK(p_1)

            [msg] =>

            [error_data] => Array







What could go wrong here?  

it would be good, if some logs are generated within ost sdk php kit? traces will be  helpful to debug.

It's working fine with my own code, but not with ost php kit. OST REST API ['2018:07:18 12:46:02']: Create User OST REST API ['2018:07:18 12:46:08']: CreatUser POST response: Array ( [uuid] => 05c1f93a-a306-4d74-8939-859249dd8b48 [id] => 05c1f93a-a306-4d74-8939-859249dd8b48 [name] => pkorg2 [total_airdropped_tokens] => 0 [token_balance] => 0 ) OST REST API ['2018:07:18 12:51:08']: create user OST REST API ['2018:07:18 12:51:09']: Response from OSTArray ( [success] => [err] => Array ( [code] => SOMETHING_WENT_WRONG [internal_id] => SDK(p_1) [msg] => [error_data] => Array ( ) )

Hi Durga, 

Thanks for your message. 

Our tech team will have a closer look at this and advise further. In case you need further assistance you can also reach out to us at



 I was wondering where was the problem, currently I'm getting same problem.

Thanks in advance,

 Jakub Weinfurt

I too had this problem, some debug traces in ost php kit would help us. 

Have you tried not using any proxy ip? 

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