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Social Alpha Award - Requirements and Timeline

All working teams looking to create a qualifying POC integration must comply with the 4 minimum requirements mentioned in our Blog post.

Regarding blog posts submissions to qualify for the OST Social Alpha Award, the goal is to see a weekly blog update once registered.

Below you can see a calendar for the blog posts submissions, however working teams can always start blogging earlier, or provide additional updates of their working breakthroughs.

First Social Award blog update – Due latest July 20th
POC Half-way blog post – Due latest July 27th
Second Social Award blog update – Due latest August 3rd
POC Final blog post – Due latest August 10th

Please take into consideration that halfway and final blog posts are inclusive to the submissions, so there is no need to provide additional ones for Social Alpha Awards updates. 

(but feel free to share as much as you like)!

*Make sure to tweet your blog posts to #OSTa3, insert a link to and mention @ostdotcom and your project name, so we can track that you have done it!

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