The OST software platform helps businesses gain competitive advantage with blockchain. We partner with the world's most forward-looking projects to turn the potential of decentralization into reality.

Our signature product, OST KIT, gives businesses all the tools they need to run a blockchain-powered economy.  OST KIT alpha, the first public test version of OST KIT running on testnet, is currently getting tested through a multi-stage program by developers all over the world. Their use cases and feedback help OST to further improve the technology.   

OST stands for "Open Simple Token" and OST KIT is built on OpenST, our protocol for mainstream business adoption of Blockchain. The OpenST protocol allows for the staking of $OST on Ethereum mainnet against minting branded tokens on the OpenST network of side blockchains. This enables mainstream businesses to launch their own branded crypto-currencies on the OpenST network, backed by staked OST, affording for higher throughput and transaction volumes than currently possible to achieve on public Ethereum. The OpenST platform allows Ethereum smart contracts to run faster and cheaper while leveraging the security properties of Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work.

OST KIT is a developer toolkit that builds on OpenST, providing a rich set of dashboards and APIs to program and manage your token economy. Our ambition is nothing short of enabling any mainstream business to launch their own crypto backed by OST, without their teams having to have any blockchain developers.

This video provides some more details about the OpenST solution.