OpenST minted a total of 800,000,000 tokens. This is a finite amount with no ability to mint more.

  • 32.63% of supply was sold in the first token sale. 

  • 27.2% reserved for the Network Accelerator Program. This is a pool created for seeding promising projects based on OST. The OpenST Foundation will review applications for the Network Accelerator Program and could make grants available to projects based on OST and to the teams behind such projects. The Foundation may also use this pool to incentivize developers to develop and provide applications, designs, software, and services that enhance the value of OST.

  • 14.56% for future token sales. These tokens are locked for a minimum of 6 months from the initial token sale.

  • 5.61% for early backers, on a 3 year vesting schedules.

  • 10% for advisors, on a minimum 2 year vesting schedules.

  • 10% for the founding team, on a minimum 3 year vesting schedules.