We plan to make OST KIT a complete blockchain toolkit for any business.


Here are the current features we have released for OST KIT alpha: 

  • Management Dashboard: Control panel, graphs, trends, token economy monitor, supply/demand, top users.

  • Setup transaction types for your token: Peer-to-peer, Company-to-customers, Customers-to-Company.

  • OST Price Oracle: Enabling transaction values to be set in fiat value, with Branded Tokens automatically adjusting to the price.

  • OST Pricer: Enabling companies to collect commissions/revenue for certain transactions.

  • OST Ledger and Balance APIs

  • User setup: using dashboard and via APIs.

  • Airdrop Branded Tokens tokens to selected users.

  • Simulate transactions: using dashboard and via APIs.

  • Analytics.

  • Developer console.

  • Developer APIs.