It is entirely free to try OST KIT⍺. 


When we launch the full version of OST KIT, our intent is to make it fairly easy for any company to get started without worry about entry-price-point.

We are setting this up in a "pay as you grow" model like AWS and Stripe. Companies should be able to start small and grow as demand for their tokens grow. So, companies can stake as much as needed to support their initial token outlays to start and then stake more and their customers demand more of their tokens. We're working on exact pricing model.

Also, a 3rd party could "loan" the stake for a company in exchange for a monthly fee at a premium. e.g. a 3rd party could stake $1M worth of OST for a company, and provide price stabliziation and other services to them, for say $50,000 per month over 24 months.

We will define pricing plans closer to the full OST KIT launch.