OpenST Foundation is a non-profit organization that ran the OST token sale, and looks after the OpenST protocol development, ecosystem, and overall economy developing around $OST. You can learn about the mission of OpenST at Limited (formerly called The Simple Token Company) is a for-profit company building software and services on top of OpenST. Its solutions will be launched at 

OpenST has contracted with Limited under a long term agreement to continue development of the OpenST protocol and to build software and solutions on top of OpenST as well as to conduct sales, marketing, PR, and more, to further the goals of OST.

There are regular OpenST board meetings, where CEO Jason Goldberg reports to the board of OpenST on how we are doing on topics such as product, sales, marketing, as well as token supply/demand. is developing and will sell/service the OST KIT developer toolkit, that companies will use to launch and manage their token economies. also created OST KYC. has also already invested in several other OST-powered products/projects that will come to the market in the near future, and we are investing in more.