OST KIT enables you to collect transaction commissions (revenue) on user-to-user transactions.

You can set the transaction commission your company collects on each user-to-user transaction as a percentage of the transaction value. 

For example, if your users transfer 100 BT to each other per transaction, you can set the transaction commission at 15% and you will collect 15 BT on each such transaction.

The transaction commission in the current version of OST KIT⍺ is collected on top of the transaction value. So, if the transaction value is 100 BT, the user would transfer 100 BT to the other user and you would collect an additional 15 BT from the user who made the BT transfer. 

In the future we will also enable transaction commissions that come as a percentage of the total transaction. Under that scenario, on a 100 BT transaction, 85 BT would be transferred from one user to the other and you would collect a 15 BT commission on that transfer.

Setting a transaction commission is entirely optional.