If you don’t have sufficient OST Prime in your account you will see an orange banner at the top of the page after login to OST KIT. 

If you are running low on OST⍺ you would need to login to OST KIT and MetaMask. Click on the “Top up OSTα” button on the orange banner, and sign in the transaction on MetaMask. If there is no banner, this means that you have enough OST⍺ and you can continue working on your Branded Token economy.

You will be able to request additional OST⍺ 24 hours after your last request.

Alternatively, if you would like to mint more Branded Tokens you’ll need to go to the side navigation menu and select Token Supply, click continue and select the desired amount of tokens to mint. You’ll need to confirm and submit the transaction on MetaMask in order to successfully mint more tokens.