'OST KIT' is relaunched for production-use as OST Platform, available at platform.ost.com. The current version is OST Platform v2.0.0 beta. All older alpha versions are no longer accessible. 

Previous versions enabled developers to run test transactions. OST Platform v2.0.0 goes further and contains end-user wallets via the OST Wallet SDK, as well as Sandbox and Production modes to toggle between testing and deploying Brand Tokens.

Some of the additional improvements in v2.0.0 over previous versions include:

API first. The OST Platform APIs are now more full featured and support all the primary economy management functionality such as user management, adding and removing rules, setting up transactions, powering end-user wallets, and more. Please refer to https://dev.ost.com for our Developers resources.

Seamless Key Management. The OST Platform leverages the advancement of the OpenST Protocol to support key-management solutions (via the Wallet SDK) that enables the integration of non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets into mainstream mobile applications, without encumbering the user experience. 

Usability. Across the board, we’ve optimized for a simpler, more seamless user experience: whether it is the use of sessionKeys that make in-app transactions seamless, or the delayedRecoveryModule which enables users to recover access to their wallets with a 6 digit PIN.