Typically, a user will start by viewing their token balance and transaction history in your app. This is possible through the Balance API and Ledger API, and does not require the Wallet SDK. 

To transact with their tokens, a user will have to first create a 6-digit PIN for their Wallet. After setting their PIN users will also have the option to immediately set up biometric authentication for convenient wallet use. 

To alleviate the burden of approving every transaction manually, the OST Wallet SDK defines a 2 week ephemeral session authorization period. During that period, logged-in users of your app can approve transactions without reauthorizing with their biometrics or PIN. 

After a session has expired, a user will only need to re-enter their PIN or biometric information, when they wish to approve another token transfer. 

If a user loses their device they will be able to recover their wallet by entering their 6 digit PIN on another device provided that device has access. The OST Wallet SDK natively supports multi-device access. The user's 6 digit PIN is one of three pieces of data used to construct a new wallet, the other two being an encrypted secret stored by the company providing the brand tokens and another encrypted secret stored by OST. The user will have to wait 12 hours before a wallet is recovered. A full guide on wallet recovery is available here.

Users can also manage their tokens within their wallet across multiple devices providing a consistent mainstream user experience. More details on the user experience enabled by the Wallet SDK can be found at https://dev.ost.com/platform/docs/guides/create_wallet/.