When you are ready to launch your token economy to end-users with OST Platform you click on the Sandbox Mode toggle above the Dashboard tab. You will be prompted to submit the Move to Production Form, which initiates a review of your Sandbox implementation by our internal team. The Sandbox review involves our team reviewing details about your business, your Brand Token, token economy design, launch timelines, and other aspects of your implementation. Once reviewed, you will need to sign to OST's SaaS agreement and agree to all terms and conditions before gaining access to the production environment. Upon gaining access to the production environment, you will set up your token as you did in the Sandbox environment, but now with real OST Tokens (being staked on Ethereum mainnet.) 

You can always go back and utilize the Sandbox environment to test new aspects of your economy before adding them on the live Production environment, however no data is ever transferred between Sandbox and Production.