We have created a simple and standard Software as a Service "Saas" agreement containing all the relevant provisions for our providing the OST Platform. 

The SaaS agreement contains OST's standard pricing and terms for providing the OST Platform:

-OST collects a 0.2% transaction fee on User Initiated Transactions (user-to-user and user-company). The 0.2% fee is on top of the transaction value. This fee only applies when users spend or transfer your token within your economy. It does not apply to company-to-user transactions nor to redemptions outside your economy, which are both referred to below. 

-No fees or "gas" are charged for Company Initiated Transactions or contract deployments on the OST sidechains until you exceed 100,000 active users. We will publish OST's standard fees for Company Initiated Transactions on the OST sidechains for larger economies shortly, however we anticipate them to be very small. 

-Brand Tokens can only be transferred to registered users of your service or spent with your company. For legal compliance reasons, all other User Redemptions outside of your economy must be done through OST. OST reserves the right to charge commission on OST Network Redemptions (redemptions outside of your economy) and OST pledges to share the first 50% of the first 1% of any OST Network redemption commissions with you.