No, at this time OST has taken a mobile-first approach to wallet creation and only supports mobile app confirmation.

The mobile-first approach takes advantage of the security features of modern mobile devices to securely generate the required keys on the user's mobile device and encrypt them using the secure enclave (on iOS) or keystore (on Android). 

There are a number of security advantages to building the wallets into Android and iOS mobile apps and using the security on the devices. Browser-based solutions are less secure unless implementing a browser extension/plug-in like MetaMask does. We have looked at potentially adding something like that in the future but it is not on the near term roadmap since it's a more clumsy user experience, and most companies are very comfortable with and have existing Android and iOS apps, or can launch a new one. In the future we can also look at providing a standalone OST wallet, however our clients tell us they care more about having Brand Tokens in their own apps, so that has not been prioritized at this time.

Learn more about the OST Wallet SDK here