There are a number of reasons why launching Brand Tokens with OST Platform is more beneficial than creating a points program on a database. Benefits of launching Brand Tokens with OST Platform include: 

1. Customer-centricity. Once an end user earns or receives a Brand Token, it's theirs and can never be taken away from them. Whereas you can always erase a database entry, or expire or devalue a points program. 

2. Interoperability. The future of brand loyalty is open, transparent, and interconnected. OST Platform enables our clients to choose from a wide range of places for users to redeem their tokens, across the OST Network. OST also enables our clients to earn fees on every redemption. 

3. Transparency. Because it's on a public blockchain, there's full transparency into all transactions. Whereas most points programs are mysterious "black box" programs. 

4. Seamless integration. You don't have to code it yourself. OST Platform provides everything you need to quickly integrate and launch your Brand Tokens.