What is OST KYC?
OST KYC is a complete solution for ICOs Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML), and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF). Only with OST KYC you can Whitelist your customers Ethereum Public Address directly in your Smart Contract. The m...
Where can I apply for the OST KYC?
Please fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom of OST KYC homepage - https://kyc.ost.com - and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
What are the pricing options available for OST KYC?
Presale plan: bucket of 400 user submissions for 2,500 USD. Ethereum addresses whitelisting and customizable user experience included. General Sale Plan: bucket of 5,000 for 2USD/user submission. Ethereum addresses whitelisting and customizab...
How fast can applicants be verified through OST KYC?
OST KYC can process 14,000+ applicants per day, all KYC, AML and CTF (Counter Terrorist Financing) compliant.
How long does it take to have OST KYC solution up and running?
As soon as all the required details for setup are provided from the client side, on average it is requiring ~1.5 days to have the dedicated sandbox environment ready. From there, once all is verified from the client side, it is easy to move to pro...
Can I test OST KYC in Sandbox before I become a paying customer?
Yes, we can provide you access to a shared sandbox environment in OST KYC to test the APIs and the processes. We're also happy to offer you a walkthrough of the features plus a dedicated session with our Tech Team to assess your needs, goa...
What verification sources are used by OST KYC?
In Partnership with Cynopsis Solutions, OST KYC has built its own homegrown KYC solution by utilising Acuris Risk Intelligence to manage AML / CTF compliance, risk assessment, risk scoring and risk rating of your customers. Acuris Risk Intellige...
How does OST KYC protect personal data?
OST KYC APIs and tools are SSL protected and its infrastructure is hosted on AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).  Traffic to and from VPC stays within the company's firewall without entering the mainstream Internet.
What does "Whitelist Contract Address" mean?
The Whitelist Contract Address is the "address" of the contract containing the whitelisting function. This enables the Verified Operator Address to register the verified client's users address, which in turn grants the user permissi...
What does "Deposit Contract Address" mean?
The Deposit Contract Address is the address of the Token Sale Contract Address. This is the address where verified client's users will send Ether during the Token Sale.