What does "Verified Operator Address" mean?
The Verified Operator Address is the account address that calls the whitelisting function of the Whitelist Contract Address to register the verified client's users address. This account address is provided by the OST KYC Team during setup. ...
What happens when I hit the maximum number of API calls for my plan?
After exceeding the assigned bucket of user registrations, the price for the Presale Plan will be approx. $6.25 /additional user submission and for the General Plan $2, $3 or $4 /additional user submission depending on the features selected and in...
Can I customize the Front-End User Experience?
Yes, the Front End user experience is customizable. You will be able to customize logo, copy, form fields and colors across the overall customer on-boarding experience.
Is it possible to show the end user a visually different Front End?
Yes, two options are available: You can either use the OST KYC customizable front end, or connect your existing Front End to our API, utilizing only the OST KYC Admins dashboard.
Are Analytics and Tracking User Data available?
By using OST KYC customizable Front-End, you will be able to utilize your Google Analytics to analyze traffic data and behaviour.  In the User Data Report provided by OST KYC you will be able to see details about the Last Click attribution UTM...