OST KIT⍺ is the first public version of our complete blockchain toolkit for businesses.

What does Staking and Minting mean?
OST enables you to easily and safely create your own Branded Tokens on highly scalable OpenST Side Blockchains, allowing you to benefit from having a crypto-backed token economy for your business, without the effort, costs, and challenges involve...
What is Gas? And Who pays for it?
When you send tokens, interact with a smart contract, or do anything else on the blockchain, you must pay for the computation done to validate the action. The common term for the costs of the computations is "gas." The gas charges f...
Why do I need to install MetaMask?
Metamask is required to participate in OST KIT⍺. You will receive an initial allotment of OST⍺ into your MetaMask account and you will use it to sign for token creation transactions on Ropsten Test Network.
How do I unlock MetaMask?
For security reasons MetaMask automatically locks your account after a certain period of time. To unlock you will have to open the MetaMask extension and put in the password.
Why can I use only one MetaMask account with OST KIT⍺?
To keep the user experience simple we only enable one MetaMask account for each OST KIT⍺ account.
How does the Simulator work?
A transaction represents a core action or event in your application, for examples, a "like", "share", "purchase".  So when users take these actions in your application tokens are moved between accounts. On the Si...
How can I run a specific transaction between two users?
If you want to run a specific transaction you can do it programmatically via APIs at: https://dev.ost.com
Are there Developer APIs available?
Yes. We encourage developers to explore and try the APIs at https://dev.ost.com.
How are airdropped tokens reflected in OST VIEW?
In OST KIT⍺ airdropped tokens are defined as restricted tokens by default, such that end-users cannot immediately cash them out before they are traded. To manage this restriction, the airdropped tokens are technically not owned by the recipient un...
How do I unstake?
Unstaking OST - converting Branded Tokens back to OST - is not currently available in OST KIT⍺.